For the domestic customer in Ireland we offer a range of solutions including, Micro Generation Wind turbines and Solar Photovoltaic as well as biomass boilers and Solar thremal systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering honest, considered options to meet our clients energy needs.

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Our Key Differences are:


We are independent


There is no hidden agenda


We are not tied to any one provide, nor indeed are we tied to any technology option


We independently assess and advise of the best option to suit your individual needs


We will provide you with the optimal route to reduce your costs and transition to a lower carbon energy use


Our independence offers an important differentiation and translates to a significant advantage for our customers



Optimize Your Business Energy Goals and Objectives

Our customers are as diverse as Food & Beverage, Pharma, Education,Sport and Leasure, Transport & of course Agriculture

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Client Consultation

We engage with our commercial clients and help develop an energy plan supported by a strong business case, which can be turned into a deliverable project with measurable outcomes

Solution Design

We pride ourselves on developing bespoke energy solutions that integrate into clients unique  business requirments and  work processes.

Project Delivery

We offer a range of services at differing levels depending on the clients requirments. This can range in scope from solution design and project managment through to full turnkey system installation testing and comissioning.

Charge Forward

Energy Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Technologies exist today, that give companies real opportuinties to generate green energy onsite and dilute the dependance on supply of conventional ehergy by a third party utility. Costs of these technologies have fallen greatly in recent years enabeling business customers to consider options that make financial sense as well as being benificial for the enviornment.

Corporite Social Responsability [CSR] is now being taken seriously by many of Irelands leading firms and our role is to assist you in making decisions that create real savings for your business through our design.

Our design is matched by our delivery, measurment and ongoing managment of your sites energy needs as they grow.



What We Can Do For You

Every clients needs are different and we recognise this as a good starting point. Our work involves getting a good understanding of your processes and how/when you consume energy on site.

During our first site meeting we will endevour to get a high level undestand ing of the opportunities that will exist to save you moned on energy.

Offsite we will examine your true energy consumption figures in great detail and develop a bespoke solution that may encompass more than one renewable technology. Storage technology such as lithium batteries as well as thermal storage now enable us to utilise larger solar photovoltaic systems.

Boimass heat and the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive to be released in Ireland during 2018 will give companies serious scope for savings as well as ticking the all important CSR box.

Solution Design

We will put our renewable energy experience to work for your designe

Business Case Development

We will prove the savings to you in a professional manner

PLanning Permission

We can take care of your pplanning permission, grid connections and structural surveys where necessary

Project Implementation

Our installation will offer to install monitor and manage your solution anongside your business growth

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What we can improve for you

Business Energy Consulting
Solution Design
Procurement and Installation
Commissioning and Testing

Improved Solutions

Solution enhancement and Growth
Performance Monitoring and reporting
We can even help finance the solution!