Professional Energy Consulting

Carbon Care

An Independent Journey to a Low Carbon Future


Professional Energy Consulting

Carbon Care

An Independent Journey to a Low Carbon Future


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Our Consulting Services

Carbon Care provides independent advice to clients who are considering reducing costs and moving to a more sustainable energy source for their business.

Our aim is to provide clients with innovative green technologies and services that meet client energy requirements in a green and sustainable manner while cutting costs, now and into the future.

How we achieve this outcome

Through consultation we learn about your specific energy requirements. We study your unique energy patterns and work with you to understand your future plans. We design systems that take into consideration the future as well as the present to enable your company grow and take advantage of the next generation of energy production and capture.


Our Commercial customers are in many sectors: Food & beverage, Educational Institutions, Agricultural businesses, among others.


Our commercial technology portfolio is very diverse including, Off-Grid,  Solar Photo Voltaic, Battery and Thermal Storage as well as Biomass.


We cover Ireland and UK.

We are based in Kildare.

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“We are delighted with the results and have expanded our solar system in June 2018.”

Derek Humphreys, Operations Director, Butler’s Chocolates

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