Solar Heating for water

Solar water heating simply converts light into heat and uses that heat to heat your domestic water. The systems do not need direct sunlight to work effectively!
  1.  Light is absorbed and heats a solution in the solar collectors (the solution is a mix of water and glycol).
  2. The heated solution is pumped into a second coil at the bottom of your cylinder in your hot press (this is a closed system so the glycol solution does not mix with the water in your cylinder).
  3. The solar heat is transferred through the copper coil into your water.
  4. The heated water rises to the top of the cylinder for domestic use.
  5. The solution is pumped to the roof again for reheating.

Solar panel Installation

A solar heating system can be fitted in about 2-3 days with a minimum of disruption. You should not be without hot water for more than a few hours. All solar collectors should face in a southerly direction. If you do not have a south facing roof we can supply a free standing kit that can stand in a yard, a garden or on a flat roof.

Solarfocus solar Panels

Renewable Energy Systems is the sole Agent for all Solarfocus products in Ireland. Solarfocus, is a company specialising  in the manufacture of top quality solar technology products. Having a strong ethos in research and development, Solarfocus constantly challenges their teams to drive the future innovations of this industry. This has led to Solarfocus winning many prestigious Europian awards and demonstrates their commitment to and concern for the environment we live in. In our view Solarfocus ticks all the boxes and we are delighted and proud to be working with them. Their technical support is second to none and has gone a long way to establishing the strong relationhip that now exists between the two companies. Solarfocus manufacture two different solar collector types,
  • Sunny flat plate collector
  • CPC high efficient solar collector.
Both the sunny and CPC collectors come with a 10 year warranty and are also guaranteed against condensation. Did you know that in 2009 Renewable Energy Systems installed over 3 Kilometers of Solarfocus solar products in Ireland through its agent network? Think! When considering payback ALWAYS consider quality as these products are expected to work for a long time in harsh conditions [Measure twice and cut once] Contact Renewable Energy Systems for a quotation and we can arrange a site visit by one of our Nationwide Network of qualified SEAI approved agents.